Northeast Solar & Wind Power, LLC

Tax Credits & SRECS

REF (renewable energy fund) residential small scale solar maximum 10KW up to 25% of the cost of the project maximum $10,000.00 per project. REF commercial small scale solar from 10KW to 50KW up to 25% of the cost of a project maximum $75,000 per project. 50KW and above projects in RI are classified as the Distributed Generation program. MA has had SRECS in place for a year. This simply means if you decide to install a renewable energy system on your home or business, financial assistance is available. This financial assistance is in addition to the Federal 30% tax credit. Please visit DSIRE for more detailed information.

MA small scale solar incentives
  • $0.40/KW rebate up to 5KW or approximately 20 solar panels or a check for up to $2,000 dollars after the system is installed and inspected by MA.
  • MA SRECS: $285.00/megawatt produced from a production meter on a solar system
    1. Read the meter every quarter.
    2. Example, a small 3KW solar system will produce about 300KW/month/weather/time of year dependent.
    3. In one one quarter or three month it will produce about a megawatt depending on the time of year or $285 dollars/quarter. More production in the sunny months of the year!