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Solar Attic Fan

Reduce your AC cost by up to 30% with the solar attic fan!

Solar Powered Attic Fan

Know the facts before installing AC in your home or business:

All passive roof ridge vents have filters. These filters over time like any filter gets clogged. Hot air from your attic then gets trapped and heats up your home and or duct work in your attic.

The solar powered attic fan never gets clogged and vents your attic many times better than any roof vent on the market.

A solar powered attic fan is a more economical and greener solution.
In most cases your solar powered attic fan will pay for itself in two summers by partially or totally eliminating the cost of operating an Air Conditioning unit

  • A more economical and greener solution to cooling any building with AC during summer months is a solar powered attic fan.
  • In most cases soffit, gable and ridge vents do not sufficiently cool a roof or building.
  • The right number of soffit vents and solar powered attic fans are the best and most economical way to cool any attic.
  • If an attic area is allowed to get hot the heat will eventually work its way to the ceiling of any building and cause discomfort to the occupants.
  • The solar powered attic fan requires no electricity and can be installed in less than one hour for a fraction of the cost of AC.
  • Window or central AC systems are expensive to operate (increase in electric bills) and install.
  • AC units are anything but green! During the hot summer months AC is a major source of air pollution.
Ductwork in the attic is inefficient when used for AC

Current studies conducted by utility companies, report the ductwork installed in attics reaches over 120 to 165 degrees increasing the cost of operating the system by 22%.

Cooling your attic means cooling your AC electric bills. Customers throughout the North East have come back to Northeat Solar and Wind Power LLC. and said the solar powered attic fan has reduced the temperature of their attic in some cases up to 40 degrees. This temperature reduction in your attic from the solar powered attic fan translates into electricity savings and makes your home or business a greener more economical place to live or work.