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Net-Zero Energy Audit

Expert Energy Management Recommendations Today!
  • 25 to 50% total energy savings for Commercial and Industrial
  • Small capital investments have less than a three year payback
  • Larger capital investments have less than a five year payback
What does the audit evaluate?
  • Air sealing your building and ductwork to ASHRAE standards
  • Your H.V.A.C. (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system efficiency and controls
  • Electrical efficiency and controls of your lighting, motors and all other electrical devices
  • Insulation levels in your building, proper roof color and passive/active roof ventilation
  • Analysis of your utility bills and comparison of those bills (bench marking) with other like buildings using Energy Star information
How much does it cost?

The fees below are for a walk through energy audit only:

  • Minimum $95 charge for the first hour of the audit (Rhode Island only). Locations outside of Rhode Island will have an additional traveling charge. Fees will vary based on the size of your Commercial, Industrial or Government account.
  • Minimum $75 for each additional hour spent on-site during the walk through (Rhode Island only).
  • $50/hr for office time analysis (all customers).
  • Fees for a more comprehensive ASHRAE energy audit will be negotiated only after a walk through energy audit is completed.

Northeast Solar & Wind Power is in the process of obtaining a GSA number. (GSA fees and minimum hours required on site are different than the private sector).

Shared Energy Savings Agreement &
Comprehensive Energy Audits
  • Commercial and Industrial accounts have the option of passing on the energy savings use to pay for a comprehensive energy audit.
  • Comprehensive energy audits are more detailed and costly than a walk through energy audit, generally resulting in greater energy savings than a walk through audit.
  • Payment options and amounts related to energy savings are negotiated up front before any comprehensive energy audit.
  • Walk through energy audits do not qualify for this type of payment option / agreement.



Your auditor will be certified and/or trained by the above organizations with decades of experience

Thermal Imaging Scanner

Thermal Imaging Scanner

Blower Door test used to measure building envelope leakage

Blower Door test used to measure building envelope leakage