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Energy Audit Photos

1Massive heat loss/gain from ductwork in n unconditioned space) Minimizing energy loss in commercial buildings is a national energy imperative. According to a recently released study by, the consulting firm McKinsey retrofitting improvements to reduce energy loss could potentially reduce energy consumption by 29% by 2020. The study forecasts that this reduction would provide an annual savings of $290 billion in energy costs and eliminate 360 million tons of GHG emissions.

2Proper air sealing duct work has less than a 3 year payback. Despite its name duct tape should never be used on duct work. Quality air filters changed frequently increases the efficiency and extends the life of any HVAC system.

An example of thermal bridging. Exterior foam insulation is a solution to thermal bridging. Deep energy retrofits reduce Grid load.



4Cellulose insulation in walls and ceilings is a non petroleum derivative, environmentally safe,sustainable and offers superior air infiltration and insulation value to fiberglass insulation.