Northeast Solar & Wind Power, LLC


Top 5 Reasons for Solar & Wind Power

  • Ballast mount ground mounted solar electric systems can be moved to a different location.
    1. Solar energy never has a rate increase. The average annual utility bills rises 5%/year.
  • 2. Positive cash flow from day 1.
  • 3. Large State and Federal installation tax credits
  • 4. Monthly payments toward a renewable energy system adds value to your home or business.
  • 5. Green energy creates local jobs and keeps your money in your local community.
$150 (Includes Energy Audit)
Solar Electric
Solar Hot Water
Solar Pools
Solar Hot Air
Solar Attic Fans
Energy Audits
$150 (Includes Solar Estimate)
Service your Home or Business
Includes H.V.A.C. inspection
On-site inspection of all energy-usage in your building
Consultation and construction management with professionals for energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy systems
Other Services
Zero Energy Building Technology (ZEB)
Wind Power Systems
Solar seminars and lectures
Financing to help you with the cost of installations
Service of our Solar and Wind systems after installation

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