Northeast Solar & Wind Power, LLC
Rich – West Greenwich, Rhode Island

Date of completion:




” 4 panel system with 2 storage tanks. System works great.
From May to September the system generates domestic hot water over 140 degrees consistently and hits over 150 alot. Saving about 350 gallons of oil per year. Worth the investment and Vito was very helpful! “

– Quote given on 6/1/2010

Job Specifications:

Solar system used for:
Multipurpose heating domestic hot water, outdoor pool and winter space heating.

30% Federal and 25% State Tax Credits

2 Years

Type of solar system:
Two pump non pressurized AET Drain Back system
Ten gallon drain back reservoir tank
Single wall copper heat exchanger in reservoir tank.
Taco 009 for non pressurized side of system
Taco 003 for pressurized side of system

Number of solar panels:
Four 4’X8′ AET solar thermal panels

Size of storage tanks:
One 120 gallon top connect solar Rheem Rudd storage tank
One 80 gallon top connect Rheem Rudd solar storage tank

Energy Savings:
350 gallons of oil /year